Wednesday 17 December 2014

Wet & Miserable Winter

The recent weather inspired these two small oil paintings - and they are now available as prints - 10" x 8", mounted, £25 each.
Why not send a grey, wet and miserable Orkney print as a gift this year?  Share the love!

Back Road, Stromness

Dreich Street


Unknown said...

Grey and wet is what these are. A real evocation of winter.

Roos said...

Wonderful painting Tim. Still following you with great interest.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Tim!... Though the weather may be wet and miserable... your magnificent handling of your mediums in all of your art elevates it to a position of warmth and enjoyment!

Your bird work is nothing short of breath taking!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim, I am an artist living in Worcester. I found a painting of yours today in a shop in town and was captivated by the lonely atmosphere you had created. I have never seen your work before as you more than likely haven't seen mine. I specialise in portraiture but our aims seem to be similar. I bought the painting and a comment said that it was the derelict sheds and Forcewell Mill May 2017. Love it.
All good wishes,
Jan Jarvis, Worcester.