Tuesday 25 October 2011

Orkney Seascapes

Eastern Promise is in the air! There’s been a steady constant flow of air from the continent bringing with it some rather special creatures. Most of these, however, have deemed to miss our wee block of land and decided that archipelagos further north are favourable – tsk, tsk! Islands in the west have also been soaking up species originating in America and all we seem to be getting is the wind! But once it dies away . . . well, no doubt the Isles will be littered with exotic birds. Birding in this weather is fairly pointless however, so until the wind abates I will have to concentrate on studio-based pursuits.

Several commissions are starting to take shape in my mind – a couple of which are almost purely landscape/seascape so I have been using the past few days to explore seascape s a theme. I must confess I have found the more distant approach both a challenge and a welcome distraction following the concentrated effort working on a bird-level for the Seabird Centre Exhibition (still on show until 17th November - http://www.seabird.org/home.asp ). I aim to work on seascapes for the next few weeks – the first of which are below:

"North Isles Summer"
oil on canvas, 24"x18"
(available from the Online Gallery)

"Whipping-Up; Looking Towards Skiba Geo"
oil on cavas, 20"x16"
(available from the Online Gallery)


Unknown said...

Always love your seascapes. Good to see that you are maintaining your wonderful standards.

colleen said...

that Whipping it Up, is a masterful composition, something difficult to pull off for all it's seeming simple elements of just water and rocks

JCL said...

I like your seascape very much powerfull colors

Federico Gemma said...

Hi Tim I just come back from London and the SWLA exhibition, my congratulations for your new award Birdwatch Artist of the Year, really well deserved! I've seen how stunning is your charcoal drawing (and very big)!!

Unknown said...

Hi Tim
I recently purchased your book Drawing & Painting Birds, finding it an excellent resource for a beginner such as myself.

Anonymous said...

Great work as always Tim. Never thought I'd meet another person who loves birds as much as I do:)