Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Drawing & Painting Birds – New Book Release

Drawing & Painting Birds has now been released from the publishers.  All orders will be processed as promptly as possible - weather permitting!
Thank you all for your patience.

In April 2007 I was commissioned by the Crowood Press to write and illustrate a book about the portrayal of birds. It was to be instructional as well as, hopefully, informative and inspirational. The Publisher wanted the finished manuscript ready and delivered by October that same year, with a view to a January 2008 publication. It was never going to be an easy task, particularly as the book would have to sit alongside the seminal work “Drawing Birds” by the acclaimed artist and all-round top-bloke John Busby. In addition to this inhibiting and intimidating fact were the obvious problems associated with ‘teaching’ a subject which fundamentally relies on first-hand observation and dynamic interaction between tutor and student – especially in front of the subject matter. It caused many sleepless nights and jaw-grinding hours of angst. However, three years on and “Drawing & Painting Birds” is finally to be published.

Although that’s not to say the sleepless nights have stopped 

The book relies extensively on illustrations to support the ideas therein and it was whilst addressing this point that I realised that exclusive use of my own work could make for an uninteresting repetition of style. So I went cap-in-hand to fellow artists in the hope that they could help to provide images for the book. Incredibly almost everyone I contacted offered their unequivocal assistance; and although I have included many of my own drawings, paintings and diagrams, there are also over 200 illustrations by some of the foremost artists of the genre. New acquaintances were made from some existing personal heroes and old friendships cemented throughout the three years of global communication during the composition of the book.

I would like to extend my unbridled gratitude to all the artists who provided such a sumptuous collection of work – indeed enough to fill at least another three volumes – which provided both regular entertainment (and distraction from the task of writing) as the visual delights teemed through my letterbox and populated my electronic mailbox.

Therefore, although I would hope the reader finds some worth in the text, I have no doubt it will be the artwork of these wonderful people which will captivate most of all. I count myself fortunate in the extreme to have secured the help of some of the very finest practitioners of their art. I can only hope and pray that my own scribbles included among the 420-odd illustrations do not look too out of place among the many sublime works which populate the 160 printed pages.

Drawing & Painting Birds is published by The Crowood Press on December 3rd, 2010. It is available directly from them www.crowood.com and, as they say; “from all good booksellers;” Waterstone’s, Amazon, WHSmith, etc, etc.

Signed copies are also available directly from me (please see the notification on the right >)

By way of a taster, here are a few sample images from the book:




Artwork by (in no particular order);

Robert Bateman

Ed Keeble

Alan Dalton

Beth Rosenkoetter

Juan Varela

Darren Woodhead

Paul Bartlett

Andrew Ellis

Katrina Van Grouw

Charles Tunnicliffe

John Busby

Barry Van Dusen

Debby Kaspari

Bruce Pearson

Nick Derry

John Threlfall

Frank Van Boxtel

Szabi Kokay

Paschalis Dougalis

Mike Woodcock


Fran A.H. Alvarado said...

Taking into account the great artists who collaborate,and headed by you, this is, no doubt, a great book. Luck with it!
I´m looking forward to having one copy in my bookcase.
Regards, Fran

Unknown said...

Many congratulations, much deserved and the variety of other work in there is going to make this a 'must have' for anyone interested in our marvellous bird life. Looking forward to receiving a copy.

john said...

I cant wait to get my hands on the book.

Sharon Williamson said...

Congratulations Tim, this looks like a real treat!

Susan said...

Tim, many, many heartfelt congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment. With so many incredibly talented artists, I have no doubt this book will delight the senses. Much luck with it, Tim - I hope it is a smashing success!

Steve Kershaw said...

This is fantastic Tim. A book that will be much read by me and other lovers of wildlife art with great relish!

L.Terrones said...

Congratulations Tim for you book, is very interest and for your excelent work. Regards, Luis Terrones

Unknown said...

They are some fantastic images, looks like a great book, wishing you al the best with it.

Anonymous said...

Well done on the book Tim

fellow wildlife artist

Parus said...

Stunning. On the christmas list.

Frith said...

Tim - I just discovered your blog and am adding your book to my wish list for Christmas (2011). Lovely art work!!

Ramón García Durán said...

Todas esas obras son realmente magníficas. Bravo! Regards from Barcelona, Spain,

Ramón García Durán

Melly Testa said...

I will be purchasing it. It is the...and painting part that gets me!