Wednesday, 30 September 2009

As Plain As Black and White

The summer is moving inexorably into autumn, with winter peeking around the corner at every turn. The vibrancy of colour and clamourations of the seabird cities are a fresh but passing memory and my thoughts are turning to darker days.
All the energy and effort of working towards the Summer Sketchbook exhibition has been quite draining and in antithethis to this I wanted to work much larger and without the constraint of colour (this may sound curious, but colour can be restrictive - certainly to me). I embarked upon a series of drawings from round about and further afield.
Charcoal is a wonderful medium - instant and unfussy. The drawings are approximately 3 feet across.


Unknown said...

hi tim,these are just great! the freedom of charcoal really allows such wonderful movement to be conveyed,particularly when portraying the power of the waves.i understand completely your thoughts on the constraints of colour,dont know about you but i find working in monotone leaves the mind less cluttered and therefore more able to concentrate on the business of art.

Erik van Elven said...

Hi Tim, beautiful work. There are a few I've missed on wetcanvas like the rock with a hole in it. Makes me want to look up my charcoal again.

L.Terrones said...

Hello Mr. Tim: it has been for my a pleasure see their work online, artistic reminds me of my stay in Scotland in Dunnet Head. The sea of his paintings is a magnificent, grandiose, incomparable beauty as life itself. Seri for my a pleasure meet him someday and able to paint together in the field. My name is Luis Terrones and I am a Spanish professional nature artist, invite has visited my blog if you like to see my humble work Excuse me for my English if you find any error.See you soon.